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The bridge between Africa and Europe that holds both Mediterranean and Red Sea charms and makes a beautiful addition to Egypt’s tourism plight. Find the best Information About Sinai here!

History Of Sinai

The land of turquoise was a part of Ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty. It was the first mine built and was called ‘Mafkat’ which means the country of Turquoise.

During the Persian period, it was called Abar-Nahra which meant beyond the river.

Later in Roman periods, Saint Catherine monastery was built. And when Islamic rule started, a citadel was built on the island of Pharaoh, Taba.

And so on. Now being with war with Israel has impacted its tourism but South of Sinai still draws people all over. Since the peace treaty, the beaches and Mountains Of Sinai holds a considerable interest and brings tourist all year round.

Best Time To Visit

Spring – (March-May) It’s the most popular time for hiking. Temperatures are manageable everywhere.

Summer – (June – September) summers are extremely hot. The month-long Muslim festival of Ramadan will fall in summer until 2018 making it hard to find guides.

Winter – (December – February) some days might be warm but generally, it’s cold.

Autumn – (September – November) temperatures in every part of the Sinai are mild. One of best areas for hiking in autumn is St Katherine. It’s also a good time for bird watching too, as birds come between Asia and Africa (also in spring).

Ideal Weather: March 5th to June 3rd or September 24th to November 25th

Best Time: Spring and Autumn


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Major Point Of Interest

Beaches, Canyons, Mountains, Monastery, Oasis

Sinai Governorate is the most engaging and fascinating and least populated Governorate of Egypt and Sinai Peninsula’s apple of the eye.


Things To Do

Egypt Tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see in details in Sinai Tours, Travel & Activities.


Places To See

Things To Do

Blue Hole

Coloured Canyon

St. Catherine Monastery

Mount Sinai

Ein Khudra Oasis

Wadi Maghara…

Relax in beaches

Climbing Mountains


Bedouin nights

Water sports…


Sinai is named on moon goddess and spreads its warmth likewise. Even though it has been on lots of stress from terrorism, it hasn’t lost its magic. With NILE HOLIDAYexplore the seductive land. Witness the sunrises and beaches, sand and sea, desert and oasis. Missing out on Sinai is not an option anymore…

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