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Marsa Alam a resort port on the east shore of Egypt is a wild and spectacular gift of Red Sea that draws tourists like bees to honey. The inland charms of Marsa Alam are irresistible and a sinful temptation to boot. Find the best Information About Marsa Alam here.

History Of Marsa Alam

This may have been a sleepy fishing village for a long time. but once played a major role in the trading route between Luxor known as Thebes and Red Sea where a link can be found to the Silk Road of Asia.

Before that, inscriptions and paintings of Stone Age claim the mountains surrounding Marsa Alam.

Being a gold and emerald mine, Marsa Alam was Ancient Egypt’s power bank. Cleopatra’s love of Emerald shows how vital this town was once been.

Later Ottoman, French and British left their mark and made it Egypt’s one crucial tourist destination. Let it be history or beach, Marsa Alam rules the heart of Egypt Tourism.

Best Time To Visit

Although, the favourable climate all year round, you can expect lot of winds in November to February. Expect 25°C on average from October to March.

Winter: December to February – Although the temperature is pleasant but not always suitable for swimming and sunbathing. Wind flows and even if the temperature does remain 20°C during days, nights drop to below 10 °C sometimes.

Summer: April to September – Even if it doesn’t get high mostly around 35°C, it can exceed 40 °C when the winds blow from the interior. These winds are most frequent in spring. So, it is very hot and sunny just not as islands of Egypt. The sea is very warm which can be best time for snorkelling.

Ideal Weather: November 5th to April 15th based on average temperatures…

Best Time: March-May and October – November (warm and sunny weather)


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Major Point Of Interest

  • Red Sea
  • Coral Reef
  • Beaches
  • Cleopatra Mines
  • And so on…

To know in details about these sites, see Marsa Alam Top Attractions.

Things To Do

Egypt tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see in details in Marsa Alam Tours, Travel & Activities.


Places To See

Things To Do

Elphinstone Reef

Aqua Coraya

Sharm El Luli

Wadi Gemal

Port Ghalib Marina

El Qusafir…

Kite surfing

Water sports





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