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Onwest bank of Nile River, the small town with one of the best-preserved temple complex may not be widely promoted, but is often included in many historical tours and adventures holds the light to Ancient Egypt glory. It has been drawing people all over the world to shed light on some magnificent and enticing facts of Egypt. Find the best Dendara Information here!

History Of Dendara

The modest capital of 6th nome of Ancient Egypt is an isolated desert town on the west bank of Nile. It is acknowledged for its temple complex. The temple complex, however, is a Greco-Roman gift to Egypt.  At the times the place was called Ancient Lunet or Tantere which means ‘She of the Divine Pillar’.

Crocodile is believed to be its local god. Many tidbits like this and other facts and figures surrounding the place are as intriguing as pyramids of Egypt and draw tourist like the moth.

Best Time To Visit

Ideal Time: Winter (November to March) and Spring (March to May)

Busiest Time: (December to February)

Book in advance and enjoy events like Coptic Christmas or Egypt New Year.

Best Time: (October – November and March –April)

Cheap Time: Summer due to sun and heat makes travelling and sightseeing highly uncomfortable.


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Major Point Of Interest

  • Temple Complex
  • And so on…

To know in details about these sites, see Egypt Temples.


Things To Do

Egypt Tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see below.


Places To See

Things To Do

Temple Hathor

Dendera Temple…

Felucca rides

Nile cruises

Local food and restaurants…


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