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The ever lively and colourful city founded on banks of Nile, Cairo holds the torch to Egypt. The finest example of past ruling and present thriving is Cairo where you can see Ancient Egypt’s mystery swirling and Nile River breathing life both figuratively and literally. Find the best Information About Cairo here.

History Of Cairo

Ancient Egypt: Cairo had long been a focal point of Ancient Egypt for a long time.

Roman Egypt: But around 4th century, Romans established their roots with Babylon and Byzantine. That along with many Cairo's oldest Coptic churches now Coptic Cairo.

Islam Egypt: In 640 AD, Al-Fustat(tented camp)became the first capital of Islamic Egypt. And the Islamic era in Egypt started.

Ottoman Egypt: That ended when Ottomans succeeded MamlukexpandingCairo towards south and west from its heart and called Citadel. Later, Viceroy of Egypt Muhammad Ali known as the founder of Modern Egypt initiated the construction of public buildings in the city. Those are only now composing in Downtown Cairo.

British Egypt: But the immense debt due to construction projects led to British invasion in 1882 and the city's economic centre moved towards the Nile.

Independent Egypt: This lasted till the 20th century when Egypt got their independence. After that, Urban Cairo expanded to the upscale neighbourhoods such as Garden City, Zamalek, and Heliopolis.

With MaidanTahrir and the Nile Corniche were the city's network of bridges and highways were improved. And the metropolis began to encroach on the fertile Nile Delta. And slowlyCairo became a political and economic hub. Buzzing with lots of attention Egypt Tourism started sparkling and drawing lots of interest.

Best Time To Visit

Egyptian winter from November to March when the temperature is 65°F and brief spring from March to May when daytime highs are between 70-80s and cool winds during evenings.

However, December to February is the tourist season. So, you have to book in advance to enjoy events like Coptic Christmas or New Year in Egypt. Otherwise, October – November and March –April will suit favourably if you want to enjoy Egypt’s mystic without too much crowd swarming. And get bookings in hotels far easily.

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Major Point Of Interest

Historical sites and landmarks are Egypt Tourism’s lighthouse. Such as

  • Museums
  • Towers
  • Tombs
  • Churches
  • Mausoleum
  • fortresses
  • And so on…,

To know more about the places and attractions of Cairo, see Cairo Top Attractions.

Things To Do

There are so many things to do and see in Cairo. To know in details about Cairo’s exciting things to do, see Cairo Tours, Travel & Activities… but few are listed below.


Places To See

Things To Do

Egyptian Museum

Cairo Tower

Coptic Cairo

Islamic Cairo

Citadel of Cairo

Khan El-Khalili

Garden City

The city of the Dead…

Egyptian coffee  Feluccas

Enjoy parks

Horseback riding

Shoppe in souks and bazaar




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