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The Aswan contemporary city on the island of Elephantine in the east bank of Nile has been established and many Ancient Egypt marvels have been restored on Aswan Dams to make Egypt glow brighter and spread its ineffable radiance fiercely. Find the best Information About Aswan today!

History Of Aswan

The ancient fortress town of Swenett was the hub of Ancient Egypt and was every dynasty’s pride and joy. However, later, it became Coptic Diocese of Syene and added its Coptic influence all over.

Egypt Tourism has done a remarkable job by bringing it back to focus. With building High Dam on Nile River, it gives a new depth and focus that draws tourist in.

Best Time To Visit


Summer: (May-August) Temperature ranging between 38°C and 45°C is the hottest time. The summers are flaming hot but with Nile Dam, provide some of the most surreal fun to explore.

Winter:  (September – April) At this time, days are warm and dry with an average temperature of 27° with chilly nights.

Ideal Weather: November 12th to March 25th…

Cheapest Time: May – September (best time to experience the rejuvenating properties of Nile and Aswan)

Busiest Time: December and January

Best Time: October – April


Major Point Of Interest

Temples, Museums, Dam, Lake Nasser, Nubian Village

To know in details about these sites, see Aswan Top Attractions.

Things To Do

Egypt Tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see in details in Aswan Tours, Travel & Activities.


Places To See

Things To Do

Elephantine Island

Aswan Museum

High Dam

Aswan Botanical Gardens

Nubian Museum

Philae Temple



Aga Khan Mausoleum…

Felucca rides

Lake Nasser cruises

Hot air balloon

Shoppe in Souks and markets

Nubian village

Old Cataract hotel and cottages

Local coffee, food and restaurants…


Aswan with its Nubian heritage nurtures the Egypt heart and hospitality. NILE HOLIDAY will love to give you the insight and real peek into Egypt and offer you the Luxury Aswan City Breaks. Let the winds blow your stress away. Explore, Dream and Live Egypt today…


How Aswan Is On The Path Of Becoming An International Tourist Hub?

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