Abydos Information

The historic town of Abydos situated on the west of Nile River is one of the most revered Sites Of Egypt with some extremely important temples and tombs stored in its heart. Find the best Abydos Information here!

History Of Abydos

From the First dynasty to 30th, Abydos was used as funeral grounds for pharaohs and during 5th dynasty; it became the centre of Isis devotion and Osiris cult.

But Ancient Egypt’s sacred ground went into decline from the beginning of the Ptolemaic (Greek) era of Egypt.

Now Egypt Tourism has made it one of Ancient Egypt’s torches that shine bright and steady.


Best Time To Visit

Ideal Weather: (November-December)

The weather is not too hot and not too cold, best for sightseeing..

Cheapest Time: (June-August)

Daytimes are hot but not too uncomfortable..

Best Time: (March-May and September-October)

Don’t forget to travel with a bottle of moisturiser and a hat for comfort.

Busiest Time: January-February

Peak tourist season with the best weather all around..


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Major Point Of Interest






To know in details about these sites, see Abydos Temple.


Things To Do

Egypt Tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see below.


Places To See Things To Do

Temple of Seti I

• First Pylon

• Second Courtyard

• First Hypostyle Hall

• Second Hypostyle Hall

• Sanctuary of Amun

• Temple South Wing

• Necropolis

• Ramses II Temple

• Osireion

• The ancient city remains…

• Sightseeing

• Local food and restaurants…


Explore the open-air museum of temples tombs and structures. Egypt has a way to pull you into its seductive web and let Ancient Egypt’s magic weave its strands. NILE HOLIDAY Knows what an experience that is and fully endeavour in giving the taste of Egypt and making your holiday an unforgettable experience. Enjoy Egypt of your dream and let its magic fill your soul…

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