Passports And Visas

To visit any country, there are some guidelines and requirements that every tourist must follow. And every country ascertains some specific rules and constraints to ensure the safety and comfort of the tourist visiting without offending the people and their heritage. From them, Egypt Visa and Passport Requirements are really important.

Egypt’s Passport Requirement:

Every national visiting Egypt must have a passport that is at least valid for 6 months from the date of their arrival. A passport is an identification certificate issued to the citizen of the country that allows international travels. Specific countries do need more authorisation and approval.  And this is where Visa comes.

Egypt’s Visa Requirement:

Visa And Passport that permits officially to enter, leave or stay in a country within a particular time. Egypt has certain Guide For Egyptian Visa`:

  • Egypt accepts visa-free access for certain countries such as Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.
  • Certain countries can get the visa on arrival i.e., all European countries, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and the United States. Some more are there but that depends on the Airport offering those services or not.
  • Few countries can apply e-visa, like European countries, Albania, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, Vatican City etc.
  • Most require visa along with passport during arrival.
  • Some countries require state security approval for visits, such as Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mauritania, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen.
  • There are more exceptions and additions to these rules too. Like if you have work visa, or transit visa, or official or diplomatic passports and so on, certain rules do change.

P.S: To travel to Sinai, you won’t need any additional permit or payment if you have Egypt Visa Or Permission.

The above map is approved Egyptian Guide For Visa access state of all countries.


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