Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Egypt with 7000 year long and colourful history rivets fascinates and creates the most powerful spells.  However, that is not just because of the famed pyramids and temples, but also for spell binding landscapes and setting, authentic and rustic customs and so on.

Egypt’s Top 5 Classics

  1. Historical Cities:

Egypt tourism takes pride in preserving the glory of Ancient Egypt history. We can classify further with Top 5 Historical Cities:

  • Cairo – The capital city with museums and historical artefacts
  • Giza – The Pyramid central of Egypt
  • Luxor – Egypt’s temple congregation
  • Aswan – Egypt tourism’s ingenious history reserve
  • Alexandria – Exotic air of Egypt2.Nile River:

The foundation of Egypt civilisation literally depends on Nile River. And truly grace the people with its opulence and magnetism. You can experience with your own eyes with the Top 5 Nile River Adventures:

  • Nile Cairo Cruises (Romantic) – Nile River Adventure in Cairo
  • Nile And Lake Nasser Cruises – Explore Lake Nasser in Nile River
  • Dahabiya Nile Cruises – The Luxurious Cruise Experience
  • Luxor, Aswan Nile Cruises – Days long for sight-seeing Adventure
  • Felucca Rides – An evening in Nile River
  1. Red Sea:

People love of Egypt doesn’t stop at pyramids and Nile, the long sandy beaches of Red Sea allure has its own appeal. Explore or relax with Egypt’s Top 5 Red Sea Beaches:

Hurghada – The original Red Sea beach resort

Marsa Alam – The coolest Red Sea beach resort

Port Safaga – The restorative Red Sea beach resort

Sharm El Sheikh – Sinai’s top Red Sea beach resort

Dahab – Sinai’s treasured but small Red Sea beach resort

  1. Oases:

Here all calculations fail because Egypt doesn’t stop at 5. Egypt beats all imagination when it comes to oases. Hence, the Top 6 Oases:

  • Baharia Oasis – The most fetching oasis of Western Desert
  • Farfara Oasis – The second largest after Bahariya
  • Dakhla Oasis – The most romantic oasis of Western Desert
  • Kharga Oasis – The southernmost oasis of Western Desert
  • Siwa Oasis – The most isolated oasis of Egypt
  • El-Fayoum Oasis – The largest oasis of Western Desert
  1. Deserts:

At last, the country’s predictable attraction. Being a desert country, it can’t be expected not to give you desert flavour. And the Top 5 Desert Safaris:

  • Black Desert – Desert covered with black-topped mountains
  • White Desert – The awesome chalk-rock Desert
  • Eastern Desert – Egypt’s Arabian Desert
  • Great Sand Sea – Inaccessible and sandy Western Desert
  • Blue Desert – A Sinai treasure

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