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Safaga is a coastal town on Red Sea that is famed for some exciting windsurfing activities along with all its Red Sea treasures that makes Red Sea Coastal treasures of Egypt such a pleasure house.

  • Port Safaga Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours:

As with every Red Sea coast, Safaga comes with cruises and water tours along Red Sea. the town is wind surfer’s paradise which is why they become such a popular part in these sailing tours. Such as:

  •  Sindbad Submarine Tour
  •  Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  •  Diving in Safaga & Makadi bay
  •  Kitesurfing or Windsurfing
  • Port Safaga Cultural & Theme Tours:

Naturally, Red Sea is not the only attraction. It also helps that it’s such a dear place to fly into or sail into Egypt’s cultural darlings like Luxor, Karnak,Queen Hatshetput temple etc. that connect you to Ancient Egypt culture.

  • Port Safaga Day Trips & Excursions:

And that is why Port Safaga plans day trips and excursions to different sites of Egypt too. Trips such as:

  •  Ancient Theban tour from the Port Safaga to Luxor
  •  Hurghada City Sightseeing from Safaga Port
  •  Tour from Safaga Port Aswan
  •  Tour from Safaga Port to Cairo and Luxor
  •  From Safaga Port to Ancient Luxor Sights
  • Day Tour to King Tut’s Tomb Valley of the Kings Karnak Temples Queen Hatshepsut Temple from Safaga
  • Port Safaga Food, Wine & Nightlife:

Even when you are in Safaga, the after sunset activities doesn’t stop. Safaga offers too many options with after sunset activities. Avail all these experience and let Safaga show you its kaleidoscopic beauty.

  • Port Safaga Shore Excursions:

Now comes the interesting part of Safaga. With Red Sea at its feet, Safaga gathers many exciting diving activities and windsurfing activities. Explore these activities with shore Excursions of Safaga.

  • Port Safaga Tours & Sightseeing:

For sightseeing, Safaga gives you passageway to Egypt’s opulent cities like:

  • Tour from Safaga Port to Cairo and Luxor
  • Tour from Safaga Port Aswan
  • Shore Excursion: Day Tour from Safaga Port to Luxor
  • Shore Excursion: From Safaga Port to Ancient Luxor Sights

Let NILE HOLIDAY give you a wonderful experience of this beautiful port town and show Egypt through Safaga’s coastal eye..


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