Marsa Alam Water Sports

Marsa Alam Water Sports largely circles around scuba diving and snorkelling. However, the diving centres promises many more surprises. Some trusted names are:

Marsa Alam Dive Centres:

  • Emperor Divers: Marina Lodge Port Ghalib Al Bahr Al Ahmar, Port Ghalib

Dive centres are mostly around Port Ghalib which is 65km north of Marsa Alam and 70km south of El Quseir.

  • Blue Submarine Egypt: Halaieb We Shalatein, Qesm Marsa Alam

Basically is a PADI and PSS Diving Center and operating in the Marsa Alam area.

  • Oceans Red Sea Marsa Alam: Port Ghalib | Marsa Alam, Marsa Alam Oceans Red Sea offers all-inclusive boat excursions in some popular Red Sea resorts.
  • Extra Divers World Wide:

Hotels at Marsa Alam bring diving and many water sports to tourists. Such as

  • Extra Divers El Quseir: At Movenpick Resort
  • Egypt, Extra Divers Equinox: Three Corners Equinox Hotel
  • Extra Divers Port Ghalib: Fayrouz Plaza, Palace Port Ghalib Resort
  • Extra Divers World Wide: Brayka Resorts Marsa Alam
  • Diving DE Abu Dabab: El Malikia Resort Abu Dabab

At the edge of the resort, the new diving centre is slowly becoming tourist favorite.

  • IDive Marsa Alam: Edfu – Marsa Alam Rd, Qesm Marsa Alam

At Fantazia resort, the opening hours are everyday from 8:00am to 6:30pm.

  • Aquatic Divers:  El Quseir 1.6 km away at Qesm Al Qoseir

The dive centre is at Pensee Royal Garden Resort and M/Y Gloria” is the Aquatic Divers dive safari boat.

  • And so on..

Few Liveboards in Marsa Alam

  1. JP MARINE: Capacity- 14 air conditioned cabins
  2. EXCELLENCE: Capacity- 22 divers
  3. SEA SERPENT: Capacity- 20 guests
  4. RED SEA AGGRESSOR: Capacity- 20 guests
  5. BLUE SEAS: Capacity- 24 guests
  6. EMPEROR ELITE: Capacity- 24 guests
  7. BLUE PEARL: Capacity-20 divers
  8. GOLDEN DOLPHINS: Capacity- 20 guests
  9. BLUE MELODY : Capacity- 26 guests
  10. APHRODITE: Capacity- 23 guests
  11. EMPEROR ASMAA: Capacity-20 guests
  12. BLUE HORIZON: Capacity-26 guests

Liveboards and Diving Centres of Marsa Alam opens new way to explore underwater treasures and have water sports both for experienced and novice alike. Let NILE HOLIDAY introduce you to all these fun..

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