Luxor Transfers

The city of Luxor is as easy to travel as easting peanut butter. One has the option to use either land, water or air to travel inter as well as intra-cities.

Going by the scenery, one would be spoilt enough for the choices one has for himself.

  • Plane

The city is well connected by flight to most of the other important cities of Egypt by flights; eg, Cairo, Aswan, Alexandria, etc. . With this option, no city is far enough for anyone. The airport being at a free place, one can reach the airport from anywhere in the city in a maximum of an hour ride.

  • Waterways

Situated along the majestic Nile, what better way to roam about other than the waters? Private ships and boats are all ready for people interested. One may visit the Soheil Island or the Elephantine Island, or can stay at a ship for a trip to Luxor. The sky at night from the deck is a moment to be Instagrammed or Snapped, or better, etch onto the memories forever. The scenes by the banks are also a treat to watch.

  • Roadways

The city has well-connected roads to every place in it and also to the places outside of it. Drives in the city are fast with no much hassle or traffic. One can easily hire a private to visit places like the Philae Temple, the Dam or ride a few hours to get to Aswan. The views by the Nile are one hell of a experience with so many versions of the same thing. One would be really happy clicking their way throughout.


The setting of the Luxor city is breathtakingly beautiful. Nile river flows in between the modern city and the west-bank necropolis. Backed by the enigmatic Theban escarpment the city has scattered landscapes. It is always an interesting way travelling through the Luxor passways. Planes, Ships or Cars; whatever you may take, but the one thing that’s common is an experience one-of-a-kind. For your transfer means call us or visit our website.

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