Cairo Shows & Concerts

Shows and concerts make any place lively and colourful. Egypt is full of it and so is Cairo. Cairo being a lively place gets to another level with the shows and concerts held here.

Cairo Show Places:

These shows are often done at locations that are conducive for entertaining audience at large scale. The most sought after show in Egypt is Light and Sound show at pyramids in Giza. People don’t mind trip to Giza, for this. However, it’s not Cairo even it is relatively close.  Below are few places in Cairo that are equally famous for drawing people with concerts and shows. These shows grace the place beautifully and are absolutely phenomenal. Such as:

  • Wekalet El Ghoury :
    • Location: Fahhamin Quarter, El-Darb El-Ahmar
    • Famous:El Tannoura Show only on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

El Tannoura is a local dance show where dancers move round and round and round. These popular shows not only attract tourist but locals too find it hard to resist too. But is frankly the only place to look for.

Other places which are equally famous for shows and concerts are ::

  • Cairo Opera House:
    • Location: El Gezirah
    • Theatres, Concerts & Shows
  • Jazz Bar:
    • Location: Qasr an Nile
    • Famous: Jazz Clubs & Bars, Nightlife, Concerts & Shows
  • El Gomhoureya Theatre:
    • Location:12 El-Gomhoreya, Abdeen
    • Famous: Operas, Symphonies, Concerts & Shows
  • Manasterly Palace
    • Location:1 El-Malek El-Saleh, Al Manial
    • Famous:Theatres, Concerts & Shows
  • Venue Lounge & Bar:
    • Location:19 Saray El Gezirah
    • Famous:Blues Clubs & Bars, Tours, Concerts & Shows, Nightlife

These places are known for their exceptional entertainment values. Definitely not something you can miss. NILE HOLIDAY plans these shows and concerts based on your choice and budget. Feel free to dip into these activities anytime you change your mind…

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