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When you are planning a foreign trip, it’s important to plan your itinerary meticulously- what to explore, when to explore etc. We can try everything but it’s highly doubtful to manage it. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with lots of sightseeing. That is why setting your pace and knowing what all is there to see helps a lot.

Cairo has lots of sightseeing worthy sites, but it also has many refreshing sites like parks and all. You can pack your sightseeing trips with some theme parks, shopping tours and not to mention with Nile exploration. They will give you much needed break and enable you to enjoy everything Cairo has to offer.


How to Plan Your Cairo Tour?

When you are planning a Cairo tour, you must be aware of all it has on offer. Like, in Cairo we can have:

• Cairo Top Attractions for sightseeing.

• Cairo Sightseeing Tours will help plan methodically.

• But we must also know about Cairo Food, Wine & Nightlife to enjoy a colourful Egypt.

• There is also Cairo Cultural & Theme Tours

• Cairo Day Trips & Excursions, not to mention

• Cairo Cruises & Water Tours that brings Nile River’s beauty and tranquillity.

• Cairo Shows & Concerts

• Cairo Theme Parks show you Cairo in best light.

• Whereas Cairo Private & Custom Tours will give you selection process to choose the best you want to see.

• However, Cairo Transfers and

• Cairo Walking Tours will help you plan your expenses wisely


Get a full picture before you plan your Trip To Cairo. Or you can let us give you the full picture and help you plan your itinerary as light or as heavy you want. Cairo Tours, Travel & Activities fills every aspect of tourism to capture the essence of Egypt, all you have to do is call NILE HOLIDAY and then, start packing..

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