Egypt Action & Adventure


Egypt is a land of Action And Adventure. The land is a blend between Africa and Middle East. Not to mention, Egypt’s own beguiling and knuckle- gripping history. Have a lot of actions and adventures on your Egypt Holiday. Pursue whatever adventure captures your fancy. Let Egypt Adventure award you all you had dreamt and more..


Let’s start with:


Desert Actions and Adventures:

Exploring White desert and white desert national park

Exploring black desert and Aqabat valley

Experiencing Baharia Oasis and El-Heiz village

Sightseeing Golden Mummies Museum, Tomb of Nobles, Temple of Alexander

Climb Black Mountain and enjoy Hot Springs at Al-Heiz, Crystal mountain

Experiencing Farafra Oasis and its natural spring at Bir Setah

Sightseeing at Badr Museum, Deir Al Hagar Temple, Graeco Roman Muzawaka tombs

Experiencing Al Qasr village and Dakhla Oasis

Experiencing Balat village and Kharga Oasis

Sightseeing trips to Teneida rock carvings, Bashandi tombs, Tomb of Kitines, Temple of Hibis, El Bagawat necropolis to see chapel of peace and chapel of Exodus, Al Nadura Temple and Temple of Dush

Discover Qasr el Ghueita, Qasr ez Zayyan temple and town of Tkhonemyris

Overnight camps or hotels

City Action and Adventures:


 Museum Actions,

 Markets and shopping Actions

Pharaonic Adventures

Coptic Churches

Islamic sites

Modern sights and tourism

Colonial Era Actions

Felucca rides

And so on..


Sightseeing trips to temple, tombs and shrines

Trips to Abu Simbel

Trips to Hatshetput and other Ancient Egypt sites

Horse drawn carriages, camel rides donkey rides

Bike ride around Ancient Thebes

Felucca Cruise on Nile

Hot air balloon rides

And so on..


Hike into Nubian Village

Sightseeing in Aswan- Philae temple, high Dam, St. Simien Monastery and so on..

Felucca rides

Trip to Abu Simbel

Explore Elephantine island

Nubian Museum and Aswan Museum’s Nilometer tours

Explore Kitchener Island

And so on..


Explore the waterfront or cornice

Sightseeing trips to Serapeum, lighthouse, and so on..

Museum trips

Souks and markets actions

Discover catacombs and other Greco-Roman sites

Horse drawn carriage rides

Explore Montazah Palace

Boat cruising and water sports such as water skiing, wake boarding etc.

Casinos and cinemas

And so on..


Pyramid hunting

Museum Actions

Markets and souk actions

• Camel rides

Quad biking

And so on..

Beach Action and Adventures:

Beach hiking

Swimming and kite surfing

Water sports

Market actions

Spas and massages

Underwater adventures

Sightseeing adventures

Camel rides and desert adventures

Nile Action and Adventures:

Felucca rides

Egypt on Nile exploration

Romantic evenings

Short trips for sight seeing

Evening Entertainments like belly dancing..

And so on..



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