Egyptian Desert

Egypt is a desert country where people broadly inhabit on the banks of Nile River, some in the valleys and oases in the middle of these deserts and others on coastal areas of Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. However, Egypt who thrives on tourism aspect of economy can’t deny that Egyptian Desert is a major part of Egypt’s natural charm.


Categories Of Egyptian Desert


Based on Nile River that put foundation of Egypt civilisation, the desert is divided into:

 ⇒ Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert extends from southeast of Nile into north-eastern Sudan and from the Nile River valley eastward to the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea. That makes all the Red Sea coastal areas a part of Eastern Desert.

Main Desert Attractions:Al-Sharqiyyah or Arabian Desert

⇒ Western Desert

The Western Desert is an area of the Sahara that lies west of the river Nile, up to the Libyan border, and south from the Mediterranean sea to the Sudan border.

Main Desert Attractions:Black Desert , White Desert, Great Sand Sea

Apart from these deserts of Egypt, Sinai Peninsula of Egypt also draws tourists for a desert attraction.

Blue Desert



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