Egypt Museums

Museums of Egypt tell their long story with evidence to back up their intriguing and colourful aspects that draw people all around like a moth to a flame. Egypt has museums in every corner and many listed and unlisted museums do reach the ears of an Egypt dreamer.

Egypt has listed above 50 museums and still many have still to find their way to the list as it has reached the heart of tourist worldwide.

NILE HOLIDAY brings you some very remarkable and ingenious museums Egypt has to offer. Let’s break them up according to their locations:



The capital city has the highest sum of notable museums. But even if you are on the Cairo Museum, it is difficult to get every museum of Cairo in one trip. The most sought after one are:

The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities

The Coptic Museum

Gayer Anderson Museum

Museum of Islamic Art and Ceramics

Abdeen Palace Museum

Umm Kolthoum Museum



The pyramid treasure box of Egypt has more than pyramid to offer on a platter. It has some rocking museums that will show you many colours of Egypt. The most sought after one is:

Grand Egyptian Museum

Mohammed Khalil Museum

Giza Solar Boat Museum



Egypt’s Mediterranean bliss doesn’t lack behind when it comes to the museum and showing off history. The Alexandria National Museum run in a different tangent but are not any less intriguing.

Alexandria National Museum

Royal Jewelry Museum

Cavafy Museum


Aswan :

The water miracle of Egypt on the Nile River may be a small destination but the history show-off in every breath. It has 2 intriguing and sought after museums for you:

Aswan Museum

The Nubian Museum



Ancient Egypt’s powerhouse has 2 museums that epitomize the glorious history of Egypt:

Luxor Museum

Mummification Museum


⇒ Desert:

The Western Desert is a treasure trove that is still a long ongoing mystery. And in its girth, it has some magnificent museums that beckon a tourist to dig deep. The most sought after museums are:

Badr Museum

Karanis Site Museum

Imhotep Museum

“The best introduction to art is to stroll through a museum.
The more art you see, the more you’ll learn to define your own taste.”


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