Past Civilisations of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Civilization was started around the reaches of Nile River in North Eastern Africa. After 7000 years, Egypt still stands proud and tall making the world jealous of its strength and struggle.

Brief Look at Ancient Egypt Eras

Ancient Egypt (Dynasty Era)


Early Dynastic Period                3150–2686 BC

Old Kingdom                                      2686–2181 BC

1st Intermediate Period             2181–2055 BC

Middle Kingdom                       2055–1650 BC

2nd Intermediate Period            1650–1550 BC

New Kingdom                           1550–1069 BC

3rd Intermediate Period             1069–744 BC

Kushite Egypt                           744–656 BC

Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt 664–525 BC

Classical Antiquity (Invasion)


Achaemenid Egypt                    525–404 BC

Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt        404–398 BC

Twenty-ninth Dynasty of Egypt          398–380 BC

Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt        380–343 BC

Achaemenid Egypt                    343–332 BC

Macedonian and Ptolemaic Egypt332–30 BC

Roman and Byzantine Egypt     30 BC–641 AD

Sasanian Egypt                        619–629

Middle Ages (Islamic Era)


Rashidun Egypt               641–661

Umayyad Egypt               661–750

Abbasid Egypt                 750–935

Tulunid Egypt                  868–905

Ikhshidid Egypt               935–969

Fatimid Egypt                  969–1171

Ayyubid Egypt                 1171–1250

Mamluk Egypt                 1250–1517


History Of Ancient Egypt

From the starting around Nile River gave foundation to life and lifestyles started taking root. During the last predynastic phase, the Naqada culture began using written symbols that eventually were developed into hieroglyphs for writing the ancient Egyptian language.

However, Dynasty Era was the golden period of Egypt. Many customs and traditions were built. Egypt began to spread its name and pyramids, temples, cults, architecture languages, beliefs started forming reforming.

With the rise of Egypt, came many those wanted to add Egypt to their history such as Persia, Greece, Roman etc. And thus Egypt was again transformed, changed and got influenced with foreign architecture, language, cults, lifestyles etc.

Invasion of the Islamic era stayed and influenced much harder and with middle ages and later Ottoman invasion, it became Islam dominated. However, British and French made modern transformations that brought revolutions and now Egypt Tourism is making use of all these histories and their influence to show the world the colours and affluence of Egypt to the world.


Ancient Egypt Attractions

Egypt Tourism has focused on how to attract tourist worldwide. Ancient Egypt here plays such as enigmatic role. Here are few Ancient Egyptian sites to the world:

Egypt Pyramids – Such as pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx etc.

 Nile River – Explore Egypt history is through cruises and felucca

Egypt Temples – Such as Luxor, Karnak etc.

⇒ Egypt Museums – Restored jewellery, artefacts, and what not to witness history

Tombs – Middle age and Ancient Egypt’s necropolis

Mosque – Islamic Temples

Churches – Greek and Roman Temples

Palaces And Gardens – Egypt Architectures

Camel Rides – Experience Egypt traditional transport system in deserts

Souks and Cuisines – Find rare Egypt arts and crafts and traditional food

Cultural Visits – such as Nubian village, Pharaonic Villages etc.


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