Diving Holidays In Egypt

Discovering the underwater world is an out of this world experience that does not need any malarkey to explain. Be it a nature lover or an adventure seeker, young blood or an experienced bone, a male or female, diving adventures calls out to each and every single soul globally.

The Red Sea has made an undisputedly reverent impression on the world travellers and is Europe’s favourite diving destinations.  The reddish hue of Red Sea, unmitigated coral reefs riches, incredible marine life and crystal clear visibility of water are why Egypt Diving Holidays has become such a temptation.


Best Diving Spots Of Egypt

Red Sea is one of the Egypt temptations without the shadow of Ancient Egypt’s fame that has everything to do with Egypt’s sheer natural magnetism and skills of Egypt Tourism. You can step on any shore for a beach vacation but if you want to witness some of the best diving spots that are beaming with treasured coral reef, impressive marine life and infamous wreck sites than you need some guidance beforehand. There are live boards or cruises that handle in diving treasures exclusively. You can take PADI courses before diving or scuba diving if you are new to the experience and stay in diving resorts nearby.

The Best Diving Spots Of Egypt are listed below but haven’t named all, just the best. If you want to know more, call us and we will be happy to assist you in your endeavour.


Sharm El Shiekh: The best and top site of Egypt’s Red Sea exploration as well as to many Liveboards with Itenary options and diving resorts and PADI courses. Few exclusive names are Ras Shaitan, SS Thistlestorm, Shark and Yolanda Reef, Jackson Reef, Rosalie Moller Wreck, Dunraven wreck, Na’ama Bay

Hurghada: The next but equally magnetic Red Sea diving destination with Liveboards and diving resorts in Egypt. And the diving sites that make it such a popular name are:Abu Nuhas ReefThe BrothersThe NumidiaStingray StationRas Za’atarAnemone CityAmphoras

Port Safaga: This destination is best known for its therapeutic and untouched traits. You will find liveboards that cover some of its majestic diving sites such as:Panorama ReefSalem ExpressGassous BayCoral GardenAbu kefan SafagaParadise House Reef

Marsa Alam: The real competition to Hurghada Diving Destination but no less effective or impressive than Hurghada. Along with Hurghada’s diving sites, it has its own thriving diving sites such as :Shaab El NaabaSharm Abu DabbabSamadai ReefElphinstone ReefFury ShoalsDaedalus Reef

Dahab: The diving paradise and less crowded than Sharm el sheikh but no less fascinating. Some of those fascinating sites are The CanyonBlue HoleRas MohammedRas Abu GaluumEel Garden

And Mediterranean treasure Alexandria: Not famed as Red Sea diving sites, but Alexandria has its own mystic that drives divers and adventure seekers like the diving sites such as:Cleopatra PalaceOmu Shukan


Apart from these, many other diving destinations less famed do also make their name. NILE HOLIDAY offers Best Diving Holidays In Egypt, famed for Red Sea exploration. However, we recommend you to go with known sites and famed sites if you feel uncomfortable venturing into unknown.

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