Best Egyptian Holidays

Egypt Holidays has been attracting the world with many popular holiday packages. Since it is a desert country that is gifted with the Nile River and the Red Sea coasts and all, its bread and butter depend on tourists and tourism. But it needs to be chosen the Best Egyptian Holiday before going on a trip to Egypt.


What Makes Egypt Holidays So Special?



Egypt knows how to lure tourist worldwide and has successfully thrown the world with so much Egypt’s holiday facet that speaking about it is malarkey. But let us show you the different facets of Egypt that makes Egypt Tourism such a high keynote in this big world.

Egypt’s History– The first thing that comes to mind is the history that makes Egypt such an elusive country. The oldest standing civilisation is still thriving and has made its presence known in a very big way that the world is astounded.

Nile River– The foundation of Egypt civilisation stands n the ever-flowing Nile River. The reverence position it got as it breathes life into Egypt literally and figuratively is not a question in anyone’s mind.

Egypt’s Natural Attractions– Egypt being a desert country, how can it not show the magnificence of Egypt Deserts and Egypt Oases that are small heaven in the middle of nowhere? And Egypt thrives with it.

Red Sea– Located in the north of Africa; Egypt also enjoys the Red Sea and the treasures of it.

Mediterranean Sea– Egypt shares its coasts with the Mediterranean Sea too. The fist of it is Alexandria and all of these coasts are known to be holiday destination year round.

Sinai Peninsula– The linking piece of land between Europe and Africa, Sinai is the delight of Egypt’s beating heart.


Best Of Egypt Holidays


Egypt has been in the feature in the top leaders of the tourism world. And Egypt ruled it rightly for a long time. Attacks and unrests may have brought a decline to tourism growth but it hasn’t been successful in shutting down Egypt’s charm and spirit. Egypt gives some of the best holidays that nobody else can. Such as:

  • ⇒ Diving Holidays In Egypt: Egypt takes great pleasure in the treasures of the Red Sea.

Find out more in Egypt Diving Holidays.

  • ⇒ Luxury Holidays In Egypt: Egypt prides in bringing luxury holidays to all and sundry. You can enjoy the Real Egypt and its aura without making the dent in your account.

For details, see Egypt Luxury Holidays.

  • ⇒ Honeymoons In Egypt: Egypt doesn’t shy away when it comes to romance. It sprinkles its magic and colours every single aspect of romance.

See more about it in Egypt Honeymoon Holidays.

  • ⇒ Past Civilisations Of Ancient Egypt: Egypt’s glory is in its history. The long history accompanied by its influence and restored is a testament of how long and hard Egypt has survived.

Know more in Ancient Egypt Civilization.

  • ⇒ Family Holidays In Egypt: Exploring alone or with friends in Egypt to call for an unforgettable holiday in itself but sharing it with family has its own appeal. Going Egypt for family holiday spins a new thrill and excitement in the holiday furore.

For more see Egypt Family Holiday.

  • ⇒ Egypt Desert Trips: The breathtaking deserts and the hidden heaven in the middle of the desert take the majority land mass and give holiday trips a new definition.

Get the full picture in Egyptian Desert Safari.

  • ⇒ Cruise Holidays In Egypt: Whether exploring Egypt on Nile River banks or exploring Red Sea Coasts, cruises are the hotshot in Egypt tourism.

Find out more about it in Egypt Cruise Holidays.


So, whether alone or friends, family or couple, history or modern, Coastal or Desert Egypt has too much for you to explore. And NILE HOLIDAY knows how to plan efficiently saving money but giving you Best Egyptian Holiday dream that you can cherish forever…


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