Egypt Sightseeing 2018 – 2019

Price per person “Egyptian Pounds”


Giza Pyramids area 160
Entry to inside the Great Pyramid 360
Entry to inside the 2nd or the 3rd Pyramid 100
Entry to the Solar Boat Museum at Giza Pyramids 100
Pyramids Sound and Light Show 250
Egyptian Museum 160
Mummies Room at the Egyptian Museum 180
Saqqara 150
Memphis 80
Dahshur 60
Coptic Cairo (Hanging Church-St.Sergius and Bacchus Church-Synagogue of Ben Ezra) Free
Cave Church Free
Coptic Museum 100
Citadel of Saladin 140 M / 160 N
Sultan Hassan Madrassa and Refaai Mosque (Islamic Cairo) 80
Gayer Anderson Museum 60
Azhar Park 15
El Matareya Obelisk 60
Rainy Tombs of princes in Saqqara 60
The tombs of the modern state 50
Al Sarabium 150
The tomb of Mireruka in Saqqara 80
The curved pyramid 80
Abusir 80
Dead hostage 60
The Qarun temple in Fayoum 60


Catacombs (Kom el Shoqafa) 80
Qaietbey Citadel 60 M / 70 N
Pompei’s Pillar 80
Bibliotheca of Alexandria 70
Montazah Royal Gardens 15
Roman Amphitheater 80
Alexandria National Museum 100
Al Shatby 40
Al Anfoushi 40


Karnak Temple 150
Karnak “Open air Museum” 80
Karnak Sound and Light Show 250
Luxor Temple 140
Hatshepsut Temple (Deir el Bahary) + Taftaf “Electric Train” 100 + 2
Dendarah Temple 100
Abydos Temple 100
Medinet Habu 80
Ramesseum 80
Seti 1st Temple 60
Merenptah Temple 20
Isis Temple (Deir Shelweet area) 60
Valley of the Kings + Taftaf “Electric Train” 200 + 4
Tomb of Tut Ankh Amon at Valley of the kings 250
Tomb of Ay at Valley of the kings 60
Tomb of Ramses VI at Valley of the kings 100
Howard Carter’s House 20
Valley of the Queens 100
Colossi of Memnun Free
Deir el Medina 100
Tomb of Pashedu (Deir el Medina) 30
Tombs of Sennedjem and Inherkau (Deir el Medina) *Gives access also to the temple of Deir el Medina 100
Valley of the Nobles (Nakht, Menna & Amenemopet Tombs) 60
Valley of the Nobles (Rekhmire and Sennefer Tombs) 40
Valley of the Nobles (Ramose, Userhet and Khaemhet Tombs) 60
Valley of the Nobles “Khokha area” (Nefer-Ronpet, Nefer-Sekheru, Dhutmosi Tombs) 40
Valley of the Nobles (Khonsu, Userhet, Benia Tombs) 40
Valley of the Nobles (Roy, Shuroy & Amenemopt Tombs) 40
Assasif Area (Pabasa Tomb) 60
Assasif Area (Keref, Anchhor Tombs) 60
Luxor Museum 140
Mummification Museum 100
Temple of Tud 40
Temple of Esna 60
Tombs of Maala Asna 50
Cap tombs 60
Philae Temple 140
Philae Sound and Light Show 250
High Dam 75
Unfinished Obelisk 80
Edfu Temple 140
Kom Ombo Temple 100
Abu Simbel Temples 215
Abu Simbel Temples (22 Oct & 22 Feb.) 400
Kalabsha Temple 60
Nubian Museum 140
Kitchener Botanical Garden 20
Temple Elsobooa 70
Temple Intentionally 70


Abydos Temple (Temple of First City) 100
Statue of Merritt Amon 40
Tel Amarna 60
Tombs of Bani Hassan 60
Tuna Mountain and Ashmonin 60
Akhenaten Tomb 40

New Valley

Hibbs Temple 80
Dush Temple 40
Alzayan Temple 40
Deir El Hagar Temple 40
Al Ghuwayta 40
Almzouqa 40
Manor Bashandi 40
Ain Aseel and the castles of the hyena 40


*Valley of the Kings Ticket (200 EGP) includes entry to the site and up to 3 tombs from these tombs (Ramses l, III, lV, Vll, lX, Seti ll, Tawsert / Sethnakhte, Tuthmosis lll, lV, Saptah, Horemoheb, Menttuherkhopshef ). “not all the tombs are open all time”

*Taking photos is not allowed inside all the tombs and museums all over Egypt, also is not allowed inside the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa ,and Coptic Cairo (St.Sergius, Ben Ezra, Hanging church allowed without flash) .

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