Many countries in the world have been declared as unsafe to travel for various reasons. It may be the recurring natural hazards, the spreading of some contaminated diseases like Ebola and Yellow fever, the political insurgencies or the act of terrorism: when the visitors feel that visiting a particular land is life-threatening: they stop going. Egypt in the last decade had been hunted with political unrest and terrorism which brought down to its graph of tourism to a maximum level. Once a thriving destination today become an abandoned one. Nobody wanted to make an Egypt Tours for fear of life. Terrorist attacks on government, security and tourist sites in Egypt, as well as a number of airline incidents, led international governments to declare the country unsafe for travel. It was a gone past.

If personally, somebody would ask me that, if Egypt safe to travel and most particularly for Americans? Or planning an Egypt Tour is not life-threatening? Then my answer would be “Yes, it’s safe for Americans or any other nationality in the world” It is because Egyptian incidents reported in the news happen in isolated parts of the country, and the whole country shouldn’t be held accountable for these events. It is a great land to be explored from rich history to dazzling modernity. The temples: the tombs: the desert and the oasis are some of the attractions that are unique to find anywhere in the world. People should not be made fear and obstructed from soaking its timeless beauty. Besides this, the unwanted situations cannot be ignored in any of the countries on the planet.  Even some unwanted situation may happen to one in his own land.

The number of British holidaymakers in the Red Sea resorts has actually risen from last several years, according to the travel association Abta. The Red Sea’s recovery has been underscored by a boom in charter flights from Russia and Ukraine, as well as Germany and Italy. Even if the number of tourists is not decreasing at the spots expected to be prone to any unwanted situation such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.  Although the tour operators and the airlines have offered the tourists on Egypt Tours from different parts of the world to change their destination: only a few have done it.

Tourism accounts for about 10% of the Egyptian economy. Egypt had to pay a heavy price for the pro-democracy movement. The violence across the country scared tourists away in the beginning of 2011, many countries around the world issued travel advisory and asked their citizens who were on Egypt Tours to leave Egypt immediately including Russia and Italy, many other countries suggested their citizens to avoid travelling to Egypt, and UK airlines, British Airways, and Jet2 cancelled their flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. But now everything has come to normalcy. People have now started booking Egypt Tours as before. Egypt has once again emerged as one of the hottest travelling destination in the world.

If you are keeping yourself updated with the world news and searching about the nation through the Internet and sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, then you would never hesitate to plan for the Egypt Tours. It is because this is the only country that gives you more than you spend.

Why Egypt Is Safe Haven For Americans Now?

Visiting a Country after a Civil Revolution Isn’t Necessarily Crazy:

Most Americans may think of their safety finding the streets are still being occupied by troops from the Army after landing in Cairo. They may be interrupted and asked the question: “Where are you from?” Just say them you are from the US and guess the locals reaction. They must say that “they’re honored that you visited Egypt” and also thank you for coming to their land. They’ll even outright say that they need tourists like you to come to Egypt more than ever. The perceived danger within this country has long passed. Now it’s highly recommended for people, particularly Americans, to visit Egypt at present because it remains the same glorious tourist spot it has always been. Now Americans have been aware that, just because one part of the United States was involved in some sort of incident or natural disaster in the nineties doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire country was in peril. They have started learning from the example of the LA riots of the nineties.

What Female Travellers Should Expect When Going To Egypt?

Western women visiting this North African country may think that they need to be dressed like the Muslim women. But nothing happens like this. Western women who’ve actually been to Egypt and experienced their friendly culture firsthand would know that there really isn’t any problem with how the Egyptians treat Western women vacationing there. Sure, some have noted that there’s verbal harassment in the streets. Not to be worried. It is because this is something that even Egyptian women have been dealing with. In regards to clothes and proper attire for female tourists going to Egypt, everyone should realize that there’s nothing forbidden in the nation. You don’t actually need to cover yourself up like a Muslim woman when visiting the country. You have the freedom to wear any attire you like. But it is always good to show respect to the culture of the country you are visiting. It is a noble sign.

Recommended Western Female Wardrobe When Going To Egypt:

Of course, women should also use common sense when picking their wardrobe in Egypt, because they’re not going to California, and beachwear belongs mostly to the beach, not the streets. The more you show, the more you’ll draw attention, and in a Muslim country like Egypt, it may be unwanted attention. As a rule of thumb for female tourists, you should probably try to avoid wearing short shorts or miniskirts. You should also cover your cleavage and shoulders. When it comes to the Western female wardrobe in Egypt, it’s all about fitting in and feeling comfortable. You should always try to respect the Egyptian culture since you’re just a visitor there.

The Egyptian Revolution And Its Aftermath:

After the overthrown of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak by the Armed Forces, a democratic election was held, and Mohamed Mursi has been the new president. However, due to concerns regarding how long the military junta will last in the country, protests have been still continuing. There are certain places in Egypt that tourists probably shouldn’t go to, even at this point in time when the Egyptian Revolution is finally over. Now those who had visited Egypt in 2011 should visit now to mark the difference. Those days have gone. Now that the worst has passed and it’s now opening a new chapter on its history.

Egypt’s Current State Of Travel Safety:

The revolution came and went and Egypt has once again immersed as one of the most sought travel destinations in the world.  Now at some places, people are protesting against the military rule but, but in terms of Egypt’s tourism, the revolution shouldn’t affect your vacation in any way because it has nothing to do with your Egyptian trip. As a fact, no American tourist has been killed by the Egyptian Revolution, and that’s unlikely to happen for the coming months or even years.

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