Does Really Tipping Can Make A Difference In Egyptians Life?

You are spending a lot of money on your trip to foreign countries. But do you know who actually make your tour comfortable? They are the people who serve you after your arrival in a foreign land. Hence they deserve gratification or rewarding. In a foreign land only you can reward them with cash, and this cash delivery to the people serving is called tipping.

No where tipping is compulsory, it is at your discretion. It is an expression of your appreciation for other persons and their efforts on your behalf. It is expected, but if it is the case of Egypt, where people are working with low wages it is highly expected. The devaluation of Egyptian Pounds by 50% over the weeks has favoured the tourists but it has proved to be devastating for the local Egyptians. Hence for any service they render to the tourists, they expect something more.  Tipping, is an integral part of life in Egypt and a few pounds make a difference in the life of the people. The Egyptian term for “tip” is “Backsheesh” and you will definitely hear service workers speak use this word. A “Backsheesh” will be requested of you from anyone who offers you a service and even by some who have not.


Just fold your tip in your palm and quietly pass it while shaking your hands for expressing your thanks to the workers rendered services to you. Egyptians love this way of tipping. Keep in mind; Egyptians consider it good manners to quietly decline the tip once or twice so it is considered good manners on your part to insist (with sincere thanks).

Remember, don’t be a spendthrift or extravagant while in a foreign land. Don’t spend lavishly without reason or pay more tips to the workers. Always try to stick on minimum recommended tips.

An outline on how to tip to all those assist you on your trip to Egypt.

Hotels In Egypt

You are expected to pay tips in hotels in Egypt to those who assist you in carrying your bag and baggage’s to the room. Tip the luggage man at the hotel 5-10 LE per bag both as he walks them in and as he walks them out. Give the maid 10-20 LE per night. If you eat breakfast at your hotel, plan on tipping the waiter or waitress a gratuity of 10-20LE per meal.

Restaurants In Egypt

Generally tipping around 10% is good etiquette at a restaurant in Egypt. The service charge that you pay goes to the restaurant, not the waiter. If the service is exceptional, you could leave a larger gratuity than 10% for the waiter or waitress.

Spas In Egypt

If you are pleased with your time at the spa, tip closer to 15%. Otherwise 10% is the common tip.

Tour Guide

Your tour guide is one who would lend you the absolute beauty of Egypt at fullest. So tip him generously. If a driver is taking you to sightseeing for the day, plan on tipping him around $5 = 90 LE. If he takes you for a half day $3 – 50 LE is a good amount. But if a professional guide takes you sightseeing for a full day, plan on tipping him around $8 – 140LE. For a half-day, leave a gratuity of around $5 – 90LE.

Taxi Driver

It is not customary to tip taxi drivers in Egypt. Because the price is included with the price the driver agreed. However, if traffic is bad or the taxi driver offers you knowledge of the culture or is extra friendly, it is good to leave a little extra money.

Hair Dressers

You should tip your hairdresser between 10% and 15% of your total bill in Egypt. Give this amount to him or her in cash once they finish.

Cruise Ships

Oftentimes, at the end of the cruise you are provided envelopes with suggested tip amounts. If you are supposed to tip, budget about $4-7 per day for the Cruise Crew (most Cruise boats have a tip box in reception, Write your cabin number on the envelope). This will be divided later among all the crew/staff you do not see such as laundry, sailors, below deck etc. but not managers.

If the cleaner attached to your room has been pleasing to you – an extra tip of $3 = 50LE on leaving your room on departure day is appreciated.

Sleeper Train

Pay 15% of your bill to the dining car waiters, stewards and bar car waiters . Give the porters $1 per bag and sleeping car attendant: $5 per passenger per day, a good etiquette.

Egyptians are always more than happy to help the visitors in any way they can. yet, baksheesh will be a frustrating game for all newcomers to Egypt, but it is part of the way this system works and you have to be a part of it when you are in Egypt.

Bathroom Cleaners

Walking down the streets of Egypt sometimes feels like walking into one big filthy public area where you smell all sorts of offensive odours and if unfortunately you would step into murky urine puddles(public toilets) you can’t help but wonder on its contamination.  In fact, the public toilets are very useful here. But as the government is nearly bankrupt and doesn’t have the money to spend on renovating the public toilets the situation have turned worst. Thanks to those Egyptians doing the most disgusting job of cleaning the public bathrooms at various public places like, at the airport, hospital, malls and in other public places. They are the ones providing you a clean environment to refresh yourself by doing that what most of us don’t even want to do at our home. Hence these jobless gentlemen / women need to be rewarded and one should be generous while tipping them. For the person who gives you the couple sheets of paper on your way into the bathroom, an US$ 0.5–1 tip should be good. Not only will they appreciate it, but also lead you to the cleanest one.

Toilet Attendant 5 le = US cents 25 = 5LE

Note: Do yourself a favour and carry small bills with you. A fat wad of Egyptian pounds consisting of 5, 10, 20, &50s is super helpful. And as always, if you don’t care for the service, feel free to skip the tip!