10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Egypt


Egypt is a spectacularly beautiful country filled with historical gems and cultural heritage. Millions of people visit this mysterious country to get a glimpse of the numerous World Heritage Sites that are in this country. It is located in the north-eastern region of the African continent, and people tend to confuse it with being a Middle Eastern country. Well, to some extent, Egypt does feel more like an Arabian country than African.


Top Reason To Travel Egypt



Here’s Our Top Pick of Reasons Why You Should Travel To Egypt At Least Once


1 – The Pyramids Of Giza


The Pyramids Of Giza


Probably one of the most enigmatic structures which have baffled tourists and scientific community alike, the Pyramid of Giza is the pride of Egypt. It consists of three pyramids and all of the three were built from 2550 to 2490 BC by the Pharaohs named Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.


The pyramids have been constructed not only as tombs to house the remains of the deceased Pharaohs who ruled over Ancient Egypt but also as storerooms for the funerary equipment the deceased would need in the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians believe that death was not an end but the start of the journey to the second life. The mummified body of the king was entombed inside the pyramid to protect it and enabled his transformation and ascension to the afterlife.


The Pharaohs ordered the construction of several monuments next to the pyramids. Every pyramid has its complex of a  Valley temple and Mortuary Temple. The Valley temple was the starting off point for anyone’s journey to a pyramid. These Valley temples were connected to the pyramids by a long covered causeway, which would have been connected to a boat dock to take arriving boats from the Nile River. While the Mortuary Temple was used as a place of worship of a deceased king and the depository for food and objects offered to the dead monarch.


The engineering feats at these sites are so impressive that scientists even today are disputed about the actual method of its construction. Archaeological studies in this place have revealed a highly organized community where the workers responsible for the construction were accommodated. In pictures, it may look smaller, but in reality, they’re much bigger which just adds on to the complexity.


2 – The Great Sphinx Of Giza


The Great Sphinx Of Giza


Another fascinating structure in the city of Giza, it is a 73-meters tall limestone statue of a mythical creature, the Sphinx, that possessed a body of a lion but ahead of a human. It stands on the Giza plateau along the west bank of River Nile. This is the oldest known monumental sculpture in Egypt during the ruling period of Pharaoh Khafre (2558–2532 BC). It is entirely carved into the bedrock of the plateau and at one point was abandoned and buried till its shoulders, but was later revived around 1400 BC. But it was only from 1925 to 1936 that it was completely excavated.


3 – Delicious Egyptian Cuisine


Delicious Egyptian Cuisine


Egypt has no forest, receives less than eight inches of rainfall each year, only 2% of its land is arable, but that didn’t stop Egyptians from developing mouth-watering cuisine. The well-preserved wall paintings in tombs and temples depict large feasts of a variety of food items. The country’s cuisine mainly consists of beans, lentils, rice, fruits, and vegetables.


Egyptian cuisine shares similarities with food of the Eastern Mediterranean region, such as rice-stuffed vegetables, grape leaves, shawerma, kebab, and kofta. The cuisine makes heavy use of legumes, vegetables, and fruit from Egypt's rich Nile Valley and Delta. Dishes such as ful medames “mashed fava beans”, kushari is a national dish “ mix of Rice, Macaroni, lentils, and pastas; and molokhiya “is the leaves of Corchorus olitorius commonly known as Jew's mallow”, bush okra stew are some of the dishes you need to try while you’re in Egypt.


4 – Treasures In The Khan Al-Khalili


Treasures In The Khan Al-Khalili


The site of Khan El-Khalili is a historic marketplace or “Souk” as Egyptians tend to call them located in Islamic Cairo and is a major tourist attraction for both foreigners and Egyptians. It is Cairo’s most important zone of economic and commercial activity.


Khan el-Khalili today is one of the main tourist attractions in Cairo. Tourists shop souvenirs, antiques, and jewelry, as many traditional workshops continue to operate in the surrounding area.


Khan el-Khalili was originally a mausoleum which was the burial site of one of the Fatimid Caliphs known as the turbat az-za'faraan (Saffron Tomb)


Today, in addition to shops, there are several coffees (مقهى maqha ), restaurants, and street food vendors distributed throughout the market. The coffee shops  are generally small and quite traditional, serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha. One of the oldest and most famous coffeehouses is Fishawi's, established in 1773.


5 – The Beaches Of Red Sea


Beaches Of Red Sea


In your Egypt Tours, you’ll be able to get the experience the beach environment as well as it borders with the Red Sea. Contrary to its name, the water of this sea is actually azure blue. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the activities enjoyed by tourists, thanks to the mesmerizing underground shipwrecks which form a diverse marine ecosystem. Expect to see sharks, Manta rays, turtles, eels among other fishes.


6 – The Egyptian Museums


Egyptian Museums


Egypt has a rich history that dates millennia back. It had some of the oldest civilizations in the world, and they built lot many monuments during their existence. Many of these immensely popular and important artifacts and antiquities are showcased in Egypt’s various museums for you to admire and scrutinize. Some of the must-visit museums are Luxor Museum, The Mummification Museum (Luxor), The Nubian Museum, National Museum of Alexandria, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo.


7 – Nile River


Nile River


Regarded as the longest river in the world, River Nile runs through entire Egypt and other north-eastern African countries. Since the dawn of civilization in Egypt, people have been dependent on this river for cultivation. Nile Cruise trips through this river relaxing on a sundeck admiring the historical monuments are the finest thing you can do in your Egypt Tours. Also, enjoy traditional shows and dance when the sun sets down.


8 – Temples, Temples And More Temples


Egyptian Temple


Egypt is teeming with temples, probably a bit too much than you can explore at one go. These were built to honor and worships Gods they followed and commemorate the pharaohs. These were very important to ancient Egyptians and their civilization as a whole revolved around them. These were mostly made or carved out of stone to ensure that they last longer. Some recommended temples are Temple of Horus, Temple of Isis, Philae Temple, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel etc.


9 – Experience Alexandria’s European Flair


Alexandria’s European Flair


Alexandria is the place where most Europeans flocked to during their vacations. The weather is warm, there are stunning beaches, and the region is filled with ancient monuments – everything to fill the satiety of a European traveler. As a result, the streets and buildings in this area adopted the European style which still exists. Thus don’t get confused thinking that you’ve landed on a wrong destination.


10 – Friendly Locals


Friendly Locals Of Egypt


Even though Egypt is considered dangerous by some (it is not, barring few areas), nobody can deny the fact that Egypt has some of the friendliest and welcoming people on the planet. While you walk in the streets or the beaches, expect to be approached by tourists for selfies and invitations to home or cafes. They’re also more than happy to help you with anything you might need. You’ll surely enjoy your time interacting with the locals.


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