Khaled,     September 18, 2017

5- Easiest Ways To Find Visa To Egypt

[1] Is it essential to say somebody planning to a foreign country that a visa is a barely necessary document to enter into a foreign land? Travelling to almost all the countries in the world needs a visa and a passport. These are the prime requisites. Without a Visa from the proper authority, you would never be allowed to enter into a foreign land. No doubt some countries like Egypt have provisions of obtaining Visa on arrival. But the procedure is too tough and is not open for the nationals ...

  Khaled,     September 8, 2017

Does Really Tipping Can Make A Difference In Egyptians Life?

Does Really Tipping Can Make A Difference In Egyptians Life? You are spending a lot of money on your trip to foreign countries. But do you know who actually make your tour comfortable? They are the people who serve you after your arrival in a foreign land. Hence they deserve gratification or rewarding. In a foreign land only you can reward them with cash, and this cash delivery to the people serving is called tipping. No where tipping is compulsory, it is at your discretion. It is an expression of your appreciation ...

  Khaled,     August 21, 2017

Why Allure Of Egypt Tours Is So Irresistible and Compelling?

Have you ever tried candy floss? It’s so soft and sweet that it melts in your mouth even before the mind registers its flavour. The allure of is just like that. We have heard so much and read so much that it overwhelms our senses before our minds even register all its charm. So many tourists and travellers regale their adventures of Egypt that it’s getting muddy with information all over. Let’s make a travel plan that will capture the essence of Egypt and gives us an idea of what we ...

  Khaled,     August 8, 2017

Travel Review of Egypt That Leaves You Speechless

A Comprehending Travel Review of Egypt That Leaves You Speechless What’s your dream destination? A question that everybody has more or less an answer to, isn’t it? No matter where we belong to, some places have their impact on people. They attract and lure people all the time. And we can name Egypt as one of those places. From every corner, whatever age or reason, Egypt has always been able to weave everyone in its charm. And with the dawn of Modern tourism in Egypt, the lure has risen to beyond ...

  Khaled,     July 21, 2017

Egypt City Breaks

EGYPT CITY BREAKS & HOLIDAYS If you are looking for Egypt city breaks or short breaks to Egypt, look no further “Nile Holiday” offers the best deals on the market. We offer various affordable family short holidays to Egypt to suit any taste like Cairo, Luxor and Aswan city breaks. And also Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa alam city breaks & holidays. This is a simple & short Breaks to Egypt which gives you the chance to experience the many delights Egypt city breaks has to offer